Thursday, January 31, 2008

The things a girl can do with stamps, paper, scissors, and some bling!

This week has been a busy one. I worked like crazy the first two days of it and created like crazy the second two days. And guess what...I still have one day left. I wish I could sleep to find some energy. I should be resting now but I can't contain my excitement from the cards I made burning the midnight oil with my friend Kim last night. I haven't gotten much sleep so stop me if I start to ramble. I have to say that crafting with friends is the absolute best and I am fortunate enough to have a very talented and creative group of friends. I am so glad I met them. Kim is new to the blogging world and has the talent of card making, scrapbooking, quilting, sewing, and she finds time to be a super mom to her four adorable children. Please check out her blog and leave her a comment! I know it would really make her day. Sometimes people don't leave comments on blogs but I think it is a nice way to show someone that you have looked at their work and you like what you see. I try and comment as much as possible. It strokes the ego. Lets face it, making cards is a lot of hard work and you want someone to notice. Well enough about that...

The cards I made last night are using the valentines paper and stamps from last year. Well, with the exception of the turtle from Inky Antics who is so darn cute when he's flipped on his shell. The inside of the card reads hope you are back on your feet again soon. I made this card for a friend that just had foot surgery. I hope she likes it!!! By the way...does anyone want to sell me their love matters set from the mini last year? I really would like to have a set of my own. I borrowed to create these cards.

I made all these cards from scratch. That is my big accomplishment. The design is all my own. I think they turned out pretty well. I can see that I am getting better the more I practice but I still have a lot I can learn. There are so many beautiful cards out there in blog land.

Well Good night everyone~!

Oh yeah! One more thing...I bought Riley the moose today from Hanna Stamps and the Hey there cupcake set from Eclectic Paperie. You must go check them out. I know that Riley the Moose is going to sell out fast...he is adorable.


Jackie said...

Love those! I especially like what you did with the jewels on the first card, pretty cool! I will go check out your friend's blog right now.

kjlowrey said...

we did have fun! Can't wait till next time - you did awesome! And thanks for mentioning my blog!