Sunday, November 11, 2007

$1 Bins---Gotta Love em

Today I went to Target to see what they had in the dollar bins and was quite dissapointed. The bins are full with stuff for the holidays but no scrapbooking stuff other than some cards with a frame you can insert a picture into. So I had to get my fix somewhere else. I went to Joann's but they didn't have anything either. I made my final stop at Michaels and found some christmas dollar stamps. I attached a picture so you can see but they have lots of other ones. These are just the ones I liked! The other ones are a snowflake background stamp, a Star of David Stamp, a skinny christmas tree, and a snowman. Better get out soon.

By the way...check out Kitchen Sink Stamps for their alphabet set. I played with it last night and I love it. I went out and bought a block to put the stamps on now I just need to get the stamps! It is called playful alphabet. You can check out the smile card that Paula Bloom made with it. So simple and so cute!

Have a great evening!


Debby Winters said...

I am a great fan of $1 bins too! What great finds you've gotten! Lucky you! :)

My Paper World said...

Great finds, the stamps look fab!

Heather said...

I bought that Happy Holidays stamp at Michael's also!