Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello! Today is Valentines day! Hope everyone is having a good one. It is amazing to me that this Holiday creates such a stir. People really should tell/show each other they love them on an ordinary day. I guess it takes some men getting close to in trouble by their significant others to get out there and buy some flowers. Today when I was driving to work with co-workers, I saw a man with a vase of beautiful flowers in his front seat holding them and checking them over while he drove. He kept checking them to make sure they looked okay it was kind of funny. We honked and gave him the thumbs up and he smiled and gave us the thumbs up.
This crazy day has almost come to an end and I forgot to even write out my husbands valentines day card. It is made though. I will have to go write it out in a minute. My ideal Valentines Day has changed over the years. Now I am just happy to not spend a $100+ dollars on dinner and then have my significant other spend $60 on flowers that probably won't last a week. I have other things I would rather spend the money some new stamps...

Speaking of! I got the two new stamps from Elsybell's. So so so cute. I made a card for my friend Kim ( for Valentines day and gave her the stamp and sentiment along with the bucket (target $1 bins) in the picture below. I used the crimper to give the hearts some texture and painted the coffee stir sticks a robin egg blue. I pulled it all together with some pink and robin egg blue ribbon that I had on hand. I put some Peanut butter hearts to top it off. Her and I always hang out on Wednesday's to stamp so I wanted to do something creative for her. The card above uses the new bali breeze paper from stampin up on a chocolate chip cardstock. This bali paper is so nice. I like all the sheets but thought this one would work best. I used a pink glitter pen on one of the girls dresses but you can't tell in the picture.

Last night Kim, Vanessa, and I hung out and stamped. It was a lot of fun. She played with her new stamps and then we stamped out our Riley the Moose stamps.
By the way, all the co-workers liked the candy bags. I think the guys even liked them too. Well at least the chocolate that was inside. That I am sure of!

Check back tomorrow and I will have three new cards for you that are sure to put you in the St. Patty's day mood.

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