Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunts, Hollow Chocolate bunnies, and peeps oh my...

I miss the old days. When we were kids Easter was one of my favorite holidays. I remember waking up and seeing my Easter basket on the mantel with my sisters right next to it and all the candies inside. Larger than everything else would be my hollow chocolate Easter bunny. Now I give my Easter candy away because I don't need it (calories/health/cavities) etc.((well most of it anyway :0)) be a kid again!!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful Easter today and you are getting a chance to go back and re-live some of your childhood traditions.

The card I am sharing today is from the Easter set from The Cats Pajamas. This was a card from the challenge three Tuesdays ago. Initially I wasn't real happy with the end product so I left it apart on my table for a week or so. My friend saw it and convinced me to finish it up! Thanks Kim! Hope you like it!

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